1,900 Cals (10cals per lb of body weight)

Remove 1 meal

Protein – 285g (~1.6g per lb)
Carbs – 100-115g
Fat – < 35g / ~ 15% cals Cardio: Keep cardio at 30 mins twice a day Supplements: No changes



206 to 191

2,200 cals

Protein – 340g (1.8g per lb)
Carbs – 100-120g / no complex carbs last 3 meals
Fat – 40-50g / < 20% cals

increase cardio to 30 mins twice a day

Discontinue Fat Burners


Day 17 – Shoulders, Calves and Abs

Still have some lingering soreness in triceps / don’t want to take another day off / focusing on isolating the delts with raises / lighter machine presses
Trying to keep rests times down, heart rate up to facilitate fat burning, maintain intensity


Day 16 – Off Day

Find my energy level is down on non-training days
Sets my whole day off kilter a bit / hard to get my day started
Prepared a bunch of food today / chicken, steak, cauliflower mash
Meals are much better than where I started


Day 15 – Back & Bis

2 week stats
down another 2.5 lbs or so (10lbs total) / and inch off my waist / down total of 3% body fat
weight loss slowed as expected
cutting complex carbs from 2nd to last meal / reducing others by 1/4 cup
adding twists to cardio
Really starting to focus my workouts better and keep intensity up
Got the weeks grocery shopping done


Day 14 – Chest & Tris

Strongest workout to date / great pace & intensity / finished feeling like I had more in the tank
Prepared a new recipe / spanish shrimp and rice (recipe)
Looking forward to tomorrows weigh in to track my progress


Day 13 – Off Day

Off Day
Had a much later night that I’m used to but I had my casein shake before I went out and had a couple bottles of water while socializing with friends I don’t get to see very often
Had breakfast out / steak (soaked up the extra grease), egg whites and oats
Found a couple recipes / did some shopping
Got some of my cardio in taking a long, high-paced walk through a local park / nice to be outside


Day 12 – Legs

Yesterday’s injury scare doesn’t seem to be impacting me todayCompound movements on leg days really taxes my body / oxygen and blood in my lower half makes for heavy breathing and light-headedness
Traveling out of town for the weekend again so spent a good amount of preparing my food and supplements
Social gathering for an out of town friend tonight / going to be a late night around a lot of alcohol


Day 11 – Shoulders, Calves and Abs

Threw up halfway in
Felt a pop and strain in achiles while doing calf raises 2nd to last set / stopped there hoping to prevent injury / could make leg workout tomorrow an issue


Day 10 – Off Day

Off day
Got my cardio/meals in
Picked up some supplements
Trying vitargo
Late afternoons seem to be really lacking focus / probably result of absence of fats in diet / mood has stayed even keel though